Our products

Almag bars are distinguished by their surface of the highest quality and straightness. Basic requirements to ensure maximum efficiency for every customer. Specialisation in brass alloys, material of high economic, health and environmental sustainability, makes all our semi-finished products of great value in every field of application.

Solid brass bars for machining

Our rods are suitable for different types of machining, with high standards of straightness and surface quality. The highly optimised particular chemical composition reduces tool wear and enables rapid setting times according to the production batch.

Hollow brass bars for machining

Standard and custom-made semi-finished products, of different thicknesses and shapes both external (round, hexagonal, knurled, toothed, square, octagonal) and internal (bosses, star holes, hexagonal and other holes). All our products comply with the strictest tolerances defined by European standards, but specific tolerances can be defined according to the needs of the finished product.

Brass bars for forging

Almag bars for hot plastic deformation have characteristics that maximize the properties of the forged component, in terms of durability, aesthetic and functional qualities. They also guarantee high performance in a wide range of uses, both in the forging phase and the machining phase.