HISTORY - ALMAG spa - Azienda Lavorazioni Metallurgiche ed Affini Gnutti


The Gnutti family business dates as far back as 1860, with the founding of the first mechanic’s workshop in the Lumezzane district of the province of Brescia, an industrial area that would go on to become famous for its production capacity.

The main activity of the business was the production of melee weapons, up until the post-war period, when the drive of the new generations of the Gnutti family encouraged diversification into new areas of industrial production.

In this scenario, with the aim of exploiting the growing interest in the sector of non-ferrous metals, the family founded Almac in 1946; a company that went on to become independent in 1966 with the name Almag, following the redistribution of shares owned by Umberto Gnutti and his sons Damiano and Giorgio.

Over the years, the company’s continuous growth on the market led to the need to transfer its production site to the new Roncadelle establishment, again in the province of Brescia: an area of 110,000 square metres, of which 55,000 square metres are covered and allowed the installation of a new brass foundry.

The shareholdings and acquisitions that have punctuated the growth of Almag from 1976 (with the significant acquisition of the moulding company Brawo Spa) to the modern day, led to the creation of the holding company HUG (Holding Umberto Gnutti) with over 700 employees and a turnover of over 300 million euro a year